A single app to manage all HR needs

G2E is a cloud based attendance tracking system that uses office WiFi to mark employee attendance. Employees within the pre-set office WiFi range can mark their attendance through the app. They can also apply for leave and view calendar in the app.  Using WiFi can avoid problems such as punch-in failures and buddy punching that are common in biometric and usual attendance apps.
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MOHRE has been using manual clocking system That has been in place for over a century and are still used by over two-thirds of businesses. This system has disadvantages such as it lead to mistakes and errors, Are inefficient, Slow down the HR department, and prone to employee attendance fraud

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A cloud based app that allows anyone in the team to use attendance tracking in real time location.  Because of live tracking, information on working hours and productivity is readily available with managers. This information can be used for leave management or easily integrated with payroll systems.
iOS and android app for MOHRE employees that is used by 80% of the team in 2019 and 100% in 2020 due to Covid-19 situation.


Here I spent time woking on the structure of the app given that there will be two main users a staff and an analyst. they both use the same interface with some differences that I will detail.


There are two main users in the app, an staff is an employee that can access certain information and tools like attendance and apply for leave. An analyst has the same functionalities with additional admin access to view real time attendance for his team, he can also approve or request his staff leaves

Using presize location for attendance

Real time tracking and live location are the building blocks of the app, the . The biggest advantage is the ease of setting up the of WIFi attendance since every office already has a WiFi network, it is easy to plug in this solution and get started with hassle-free tracking. It requires zero infrastructure investment and gives accurate time tracking.

Applying for a request made simple

this feature makes it easy for everyone in the team to apply for any HR request like vacation, Hardware and software licens. after applying to a request. the manager who is the analyst will get a notification on the app and can approve or reject the request.

Real time tracking

when the staff is in the office location the attendance will be automatically enabled. The user can track the hot work time. he will also be notified one the time is completed.


The logo is the key building block of the comapny’s identity, the primary visual element that identifies Veylinx. The logotype has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, The logo is straightforward and simple.