Full Solution For Domestic Workers

The word Tadbeer refers to planning, arrangement or a feasible solution. Here, Tadbeer is a service whereby the government offers a highly transparent and centralised system for hiring domestic and household workers in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

It is a process of recruitment and selection of candidates which the UAE government facilitates, so you can employ a domestic worker in UAE as per your own requirement to start work immediately.

Tadbeer in the UAE promotes an ethical and fair hiring process based on experience and skill sets.
2017 - 2018
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Those living in the UAE are familiar with the struggle to manage households without a maid, a cook or a babysitter. For example, Being a parent is a full-time job and every once in a while, you will need time-out knowing that your child is in safe hands.

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Tadbeer offers fair hiring for foreign domestic workers world-wide, to support families in their effective engagement and relationship management, and to train every foreign domestic worker and up-skill set in becoming the best of what they can do.
An app that uses a legitimate channel to hire domestic workers as per government approvaand protects the rights of the domestic workers so their well-being is also looked after.

A Complete Solution for Domestic Workers

Tadbeer service centres are facilitating franchises where you can receive consultation regarding the employment of a domestic worker. Operated under MOHRE, the Tadbeer service centres supply, train and recruit domestic workers in many fields. The workers come from different locations to meet the household and domestic needs of residents in the UAE.

Tadbeer app is leveraging this power through a digital solution. the app allows you to apply for all services without having to visit the service center only when you decided to book an appointment with a domestic worker.

Compare Talents

This feature helps to compare talents in the same category

Grabe a ticket on your way to the Center

You can quickly get a ticket on your way to the service center for your appointment through the app to save time.


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