Establishing a knowledge-based economy

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) applies a strategic plan that seeks to transform the job market in the UAE into an empowering attractive market for Emirati talents. This represents a roadmap in managing manpower in the UAE to reach a new phase of development and establish a knowledge-based economy according to the future vision of the government; thus contributing to the government's efforts to realize the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021
2016 - 20202
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Business owners face many challenges in managing their business. These challenges can include financing the business, creating products that appeal to customers, finding and retaining qualified employees, completing various objectives, and even keeping abreast of laws and regulations.
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MOHRE adopts a comprehensive system of policies, standards, regulatory instruments, institutional partnerships, and excellent services. In addition, the Ministry seeks to realize its strategic plan that includes: empowering Emirati manpower; protecting the work environment; and enhancing the job market, while reinforcing innovation, and providing excellent services—including all administrative services—according to high standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency.
A product that helps business to easily manage their manpower

User Segmentation

The app consists of three main user, Owner, Employee and PRO


Services are the building blocks of the app. It allows the user to apply for different requests with the goal of increasing efficiency, flexibility, and productivity in the business market conforming to international standards and conventions in the field of work and labour organization.

There are different type of services for different users. a service that can be applied for an owner, emopoyee or a company. 


A product that helps business to easily manage their manpower