Revealing realistic consumer insights  

Veylinx uses a Nobel Prize-winning approach, online auction-based experiments to test both existing products or concepts.

Auctions in veylinx, takes 5 minutes to complete, and mimic an actual online shopping experience. The carefully selected consumer panel use their own money to bid. This gives us a very accurate indication of real purchase intent and demand for your product by your target market.research objectives.
2017 - 2018
• Web App
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) have long been the backbone for sustained mass-market growth. The category is now facing real challenges by shifts in the way consumers shop, access information, and choose between brands. With more information, consumers are scrutinizing brands more closely. They actively look for brands that not only meet their product claims, but are also authentic, and consistent with their own values and ideologies. This is spurring an influx of smaller, highly relevant, niche brands, being accelerated by digital marketing and direct to consumer sales models. These brands are quickly grabbing market share and are growing faster than the large, established brands. To add more value and successfully compete, mass-market manufacturers need to become more attuned to consumer preference, more innovative, and agile to respond to changes than ever before.
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Developing insights used to build stronger brands and product innovation pipelines that are relevant to today's consumer. Entering existing or new and developing markets quickly by understanding the unique quirks of consumers in your target market. Quantifying and predicting demand for individual products, brands, and channels to optimize supply, increase efficiencies, and reduce cost.
A product that increase efficiencies, and reduce cost.


The logo is the key building block of the comapny’s identity, the primary visual element that identifies Veylinx. The logotype has been carefully chosen for its modern and yet refined, The logo is straightforward and simple.

Primary Color

Consistent use of our brand color will ensure brand recognition. Our primary color is the foundation of the brand  and should always be used properly to reinforce equity
The primary palette should be used as as a first-line solution when making color decisions. it can be used for typography, graphic elements, illustrations, charts...

Secondary Color

the secondary palette has been selected with the same precision as our principal colors. the pallet has been chosen to work in support of the Veylinx blue color.
Our color has been chosen to work well in combination with each other, and enable a full range of visually engaging communications.


Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality careful use of typography ensures clarity in all Veylinx communications. we’ve chosen Avenir Next as the primary typeface.

For non-types applications such as presentations and email, use Arial in place of Avenir next. Arial is available is four styles, Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold italic. these typefaces come standard with any computer and do not require a license.

There is a big difference between what people say, and what they actually do.

Traditional research methods, like surveys, only measure what consumers tell us they’ll do.Veylinx uses transactional learnings to measure their actual behavior.

Fast and realistic insights

Veylinx bridges the gap between research and commerce to help organizations validate and predict demand for different products and offerings.

Real auction-based experiments using real money

First, consumers participate in a screener to ensure we get the right sample composition.
Consumers see an ad with the product and place a single bid to indicate their maximum willingness to pay. 

After placing a bid, consumers respond to a number of questions. This includes specific questions that help us deepen our understanding and gain more insights based on your particular research objectives. 

A new world of insights

The platform provides insights about what matters most to every business based on actual behavior and “skin in the game”